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Dedicated, enthusiastic, and hardworking architecture technology student with excellent interpersonal skills, ready to fully integrate with any team environment to provide as much value as possible. A focus on workflow systems, optimization and maintaining a relatable attitude, organization will benefit greatly after from my addition to the team.



- Adobe Photoshop CS6 to CC

- Autodesk Revit

- Autodesk Autocad

- Sketchup/Sketchup Pro

- Dassault Draftsight

- Sketching (Axonometric, Isometric, Perspective, Freehand)

- Lumion 8 to 10

- Unreal Engine 4 Studio

- Autodesk Robot

- Autodesk Fusion 360

Hard Skills 

- Modelmaking using common power and hand tools

- Basic sizing of wood and steel structural members

- Preparation of as-built drawing of existing structures

- Welding

- Construction of tesla coils and other high voltage resonant transformers

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Work Experience

Burl Oak Theater Group (BOTG): Set Designer / Set Builder / Actor


Communicated with the director, effects specialists, and producers to design the set for the production of "The Drowsey Chaperon", a musical performed to an audience of 500+ people at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts. Attended meetings with members of the production team sketching concepts for the set before transfering over to Autodesk Revit to create working elevations, plans, and renders. After design, consulted and assisted set builders for set construction.


Theatre Bacchus: Graphic Designer


Worked with the founder of an emerging theatre production comapny based in Saint Catherines for the design of the main company logo. Assisted the founder in logo design through meetings by preparing conceptual sketches and interactive work session for immediate feedback. Utilized online scheduling software to communicate deadlines and updates to the client. Assisted in the creation of advertisements featuring the logo.


Oakville Center for the Performing Arts: Lighting Operator / Assistant Stage Manager


Gottem Used lighting equipment during the performance of "Wife After Death" to trigger various lighting effects. Used radio communication equipment to ensure actors were in place and ready to enter stage on cue. Assisted the director and stage managers in compilation of notes and feedback for the actors during rehearsals.


Starbucks: Barista / Layout Assistance

2017 - Current

Greeted customers and workers with enthusiasm and energy. Used a stardard POS system to take highly-customized drink orders for various patrons. Used various systems and protocols to ensure the stocking and availability of supplies in the store. Operated Mastrena esspresso machines and other equipment to prepare custom orders for customers. Provided layout assistance to the store manager by drafting design drawings for the rearrangement of new tables using Autodesk AutoCAD.

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Westdale Secondary School

2011 - 2016

High School Diploma with Honors Status


Brock University

2016 - 2017

Completed two semesters of the Bachelors of Business Administration co-op program


Sheridan College

2017 - 2020

Scheduled to graduate in April 2020 with an advanced diploma in architectural technology

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- Mountain Biking/Repair/Modifications 

- Hiking

- Photography 

- Graphic Design

- 3D Modelling

- Writing

- High Voltage Electronics

- Mechanical Engineering/ Construction



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