When it comes to design work my overall approach is very case study oriented. My insparations are wide ranging and dynamic in their approach. I started my Architectural career as a junior Residential designer working out of Schiller Engineering in Mississauga, Ontario. This experience gave me introductory knowledge and - a lot - of practise in the residential design fld. Returning to college the following year granted me a leg up from where I had been previously and my designs in my acedemic career took a turn for the more bold side of design. I was relatively extinghushed with the overall canadian design scene and took my attention elsewhere to study the ins and outs of the architectural feild.

This brought me to the rural coasts of Norway, Sweeden, and Amsterdam. While taking large bits of peices from other regions my designs came out as more Scandanavian. The feedback i received on these designs through professors, peers and industry specialists really motivated me to solidify my roots as this type of designer.

As I started to see the effects of climate change take its toll on the Toronto area, (where I am currently inhabiting) my focus shifted to sustainability. I got my foot in the door at the Federal government of Canada and was introduced to a small army of people who were single-handedly project managing all the federal historic buildings of Canada. Their role was to record, and manage the construction and refurbishment of federal buildings across the nation. I spent 4 months taking notes and seeing how I could fuse historic architecture with new age sustainable designs. Overall this was a great place to dig my teeth into.

With all this in mind I present to you my website, which contains my Resume, Contact information and most importantly, my Portfolio.

The links in the top right corner of my page will take you to my linkedin, Thirtybyforty Design Studio(Copyright) and Dwell magazine (copywrite). I like to take the opertunities to pay back the individuals that contributed to my career. My linkedIn is my propotional page and will be able to contact me there should you wish. Thurtybyforty design workshop is run and operated by the maine based architect, Eric Reinholdt, His tutorials and youtube channel single handedly aided me in finalizing my style and project managment skills. And finally my favourite magazine, Dwell, I encourage you to take a look at their recent issues.




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