About Me



I am a recent graduate of the 3 year Architectural Technologist Co-op program here at Sheridan College. This website has been created to display my work over those years.

I’ve always had a creative side. Whether it was sketching or doodling, I would occupy my days putting the ideas in my head on paper. The focus of these drawings quickly switched to motorcycles when I recieved a Yamaha RT100 for christmas. That day changed my life forever. I was instantly hooked!


Over the next 15 years, my passion for motorcycles has grown to include all types of motorsport racing. 2 wheels or 4, it doesn't matter to me. The past 9 years of my life have been spent racing motocross bikes competitively across Ontario. I reached a high amateur level in the sport, winning multiple championships in the Novice classes before I started school at Sheridan. With school taking up most of my time now, I've temporarily put my racing on hold.


During my time at Sheridan, I have learned an incredible amount of information about architecture, computer software and building systems. I am looking forward to entering the Architectural field and starting my career.

If you would like to contact me, please go to the Resume link found on the bottom of this page.


Thanks for visiting and please enjoy my website!


Frank Brence