Lakeside House    



Lakeside House - Floor Plans










The Lakeside House is an entry project for the HOME competition in fall 2019.  The purpose of this competition is to explore ideas of domestic architecture for the future. “What do you believe will be the future of home?”

The concept of my design is to merge extreme modernism and sustainable design together. I have chosen to use clean lines and large windows for the facade of the building emulating modern architecture. In addition to this I have incorporated sustainable features into the home such as trombe walls, green roofs, and careful placement of window openings to maximize heat gain in the winter and shade in the summer.





The Wave    





The proposed artist live work loft is situatedd on the corner of Queen Street ad Fennings Street in Toronto, Ontario. This development will consist of an Art Gallery and Cafe on the ground floor, Artist studios, metting rooms and a private gallery on the secnd floor and the residential units from the third to fifth floors. This building will include a green roof with outdoor ammenities for our residents to enjoy.

We call this building "THE WAVE" because of the large wood facade that resembles the shape of a wave. We have also incorperated lots of earthy tones and greenery into the building, we feel that this as well as the glass facade makes our building feel light and airy.

The Design Objective for the proposed development includes enviromental sensibility and affordability to the public as well as an astetically pleasing addition to the community.

We have included public gathering spaces to intergrate out building to the community with features such as landscaping, outdoor seating and a welcoming facade.

Square One Seniors Residence    




Building Section


The proposed seniors home is a proposed addition to the Square One Shopping mall in Mississauga, Ontario. This building will include outdoor terraces, courtyards, ammenities and one and two bedroom condos for our residents to enjoy.





The Laneway House    







This project is a proposed Laneway House located in Toronto, Ontario.