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My name is Andreh Custantin, currently enrolled and nearly completed the Architectural Technologist Program at Sheridan Davis Campus.  Through this personal web site you will be able to take a look at my portfolio and resume that have been accumulating for the past 3 years.

I was born in Latakia, Syria, located in the Middle East, kissing the Mediterranean Sea.  I lived half of my life there prior to migrating to Canada.  As a child, I was always interested in drawing, building and creating objects from Lego and Mechano.  I remember when I would receive any gifts such as Lego or Mechano, I would throw away the building manual and instructions so I would be able to build my own ideas. I would also disassemble toys to use for part for my creations.

At the age of 11,  I moved to Canada and started my life from scratch, new language, new friends, new environment. Here I found my love for skateboarding. A series of maneuvers with a piece of multi-layered wood, astounding. Skateboarding took discipline, courage and ambition. Streets and buildings became my playground.


I was also intrigued by Parkour (Above Right). Running, climbing and jumping over obstacles. These obstacles varied from retaining walls, schools, bike racks, railing and much more. once again, it allowed buildings and any landscape element to become a haven.

Following high school, I decided to enroll into the architectural program.  I thought that with my child-hood experience with creating and building, I would do very well in the program.  I was not wrong, through the program, architecture became second nature.  I wanted to know and learn about architecture as much as possible.  I could not walk through a building without looking at certain finishing details, structure and architectural design. 

I believe that I have made a good decision, joining the field of architecture. It had given me a different perspective on the things around me, everything is pre-planned to fit in its exact place for its own purpose. Right here is definitely not where I stop, I am planning on continuing my education and ultimately becoming an architect.

Thank you,

Andreh Custantin