"I don't know why people hire architects and then tell them what to do" - Frank Gehry

Hello world, my name is Michael (Mike) Joseph Desmarais and I am a recent graduate of Sheridan College's Architectural Technology 3-year advanced diploma program. Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, I am the youngest of 3 brothers.

From a young age I have always had an interest in buildings and construction, and been very hands on, starting with Lego blocks and 3D models. I have not had a very strong influence from my family in the industry, as I am the first of my family to enter and pursue this field, however my passion for the industry is ever growing. Living with 2 older brothers, I have always felt like I've had big shoes to fill as they have both become very successful in their respective career fields. I believe that because of their successes, I am more inspired to succeed and I have become more independant in my life.

My other interests include sports (hockey, football, soccer - all of which I played recreationally), video games, and playing outdoors and personal health and fitness.

This online portfolio demonstrates some of my work during my education at Sheridan College which include: residential, commercial, and industrial projects through a variety of programs such as: AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max, Google SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, and Premier. This portfolio will continue to grow throughout my life and my career as I am involved with more projects.