Meadowvale Theatre is a renovations project which was completed for a studio 6 class.

The existing building is located on 6315 Montevideo Rd, in Mississauga and often mistaken for a part of the Secondary school that it is attached to.

When renovating this project my main goal was to create a building at stands out and speaks for it self. As this is a space for the community to gather, I've proposed columns shaped in the Mississauga Logo, in repersentation.

Adding lots of color in the fly tower to portray that this is where art happens.


Nature at the square was a project completed for Studio 5. This building was created on site of the Square one Transit Terminal.

Square One is Mississauga's downtown, where 1000's of people come everyday. The current building was designed 22 years ago and doesn't meet the city's needs anymore.

This project was done with thorough research on public transit, future LRT installments, pedistrians as well as traffic. We plan on iliminating as many cars as possible in this area in order to convince the public to spend more time outdoors.