About Me

My name is Mathuran Figurado and I was born in 1990 in Brossard, Quebec. While I was born in Quebec, my

family moved to Mississauga in 1994 and I've lived here ever since. I've always had an interest in

genetal aesthetics and creativity, and the marriage between those two is how I believe that I ended up in the

Architectural Technology program. The interesting part is that growing up I've always been a

scientific and analytical person and less on the artistic and visual side, but I always love a challenge

and that's another reason why I chose Architectural Technology.


Aside from Architecture, two of my main interests include sports and psychology. With sports I have always

respected tactics and the intangibles of sport, when the spectacular can happen from the unlikliest of

situations. In particular I love hockey and soccer, mostly because those were the sports that I grew up

playing. On the psychology side, I've always been facinated with social dynamics and what drives people to

do what they do. To me it is absolutely facinating how the same thing can happen to different people and just

based on how mind interprets the situation can generate radically different results.


All in all I am aa fun loving guy, make jokes and try not to take life too seriously, because life's too short to be

worrying about every little thing.