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Peterborough Community Centre - Advanced BIM

In the semester five BIM class, students were asked to create a massing model that will be a part of the existing Peterborough Centre. The assignment was an individual project. Students were given the Existing plans and had to add an Art Gallery that connected to the existing building. This is project is considered as a commercial renovation project, where students used a massing model to create their form. To preview the project file, click the link below. Along with Peterborough Centre project, the students had to create a video using Lumion and Premiere Pro for their final submission. To view the documents, click the link below. .

Download PDF of CAD Drawings

Ellipse Meditation Cabin - Architectural Computer Visualization

Co-Creator: Jaymie Raymundo

Semester six students in the Visualization class, were asked to pick an existing architectural competition, and the project chosen was to be the center of their final project. The competition chosen for this project is the Vale de Moses Meditation Cabins, located in Portugal. The cabins are required to have a therapy and meditation room, as for the design of the structure, students are given limitless imagination and creation. Programs that the students used were Revit, 3Ds Max (Vray) and Photoshop, to create the rendering images. The Final poster is still to be determined, as the students are still in the initial phase of creation.

Download PDF of Final Poster

Lanterns - Emerging Building Technologies

Co-Creator: Jaymie Raymundo

Semester six students in the Emerging Building Technologies class, were given a wood block, LED light, and battery pack to create and design their own unique lantern. Students first created shop drawing of their lantern, before going into the wood shop to create it. The students were to analog the process for the creation of their lantern.

Download PDF of Analog Process

Artists Live & Work Lofts - Studio 5

Co-Creators: Jaymie Raymundo and Phuong Nguyen

For the semester five Studio class, students are made up of a group of three individuals. The project given to the students is an Artist Loft project. Artscape was the client for the project, they are a Toronto based non-profit company that finds local artists live and workspaces, that are affordable and helps house artist works. The building consists of artist units, café and art gallery. The initial process of the project was creating concepts and models before the secondary enhancement of the building. Through this project students created design floor plans, structural plans, sun studies, material research, OBC compliance, and final renders of their building to be put into a booklet.

Download Floor Plan PDF

Fire Station 204 - Studio 6

For the final Studio class of the course, students were given a Fire Station renovation project. The emphasis of the project was to design and research different methods to improve the livability and health of fire fighters that reside in the stations. As we all know, fire fighters are exposed to many toxic carcinogens in their everyday lives. Students went through in-depth research on spatial separations, decontamination areas, and mechanical systems for the improvement of fire stations. Along with the research involved, students went to the local fire station in located at Queen Street West, Brampton, Ontario, for a site visit. This fire station was the central building that students were to design for. They were given the existing plans and had to design based on the research they have acquired.

Download PDF of Final Poster