About Me

Age: 20

Hometown: Bowmanville, Ontario

Occupation: Architectural Technologist

        Born in Toronto Ontario Canada I developed an intrest in architecture at a young age. Whether it was the lego I played with as a kid or my fascination with historic structures, many of which I have had the opportunity to see in person on my many travels my facination with architectural form stuck. When it comes to architecture I like to refer to myself as a realist, finding plausible sulutions that prioritize function above all else, with designs then built atop that foundation. My time studying at Sheridan College has allowed me to develope in this manner with the courses enmphasis towards structural elements and drafting.

     On a personal note my hobbies include as previously mentioned traveling as well as painting, animation, history, politics and writing. In the scope of travel I have been fortunate enough to have been to many historic and modern sites throughout Europe including London, Rome, Pompei, Athens, Paris and a variety of other locations, nicely tying two of my hobbies together.