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"Up until this point, life has taken me in a few different directions. However, the one I am most grateful for is my decision to attend Sheridan College Institute of Technology for their Architectural Technology Advanced Diploma program in the fall of 2012. Though the technical skills I acquired from the 3 year intensive program are plentiful, I put more value on the passion I came to realize I have for what I do, and where I hope to go.

In my every day life, I push myself to never let a moment go to waste; whether it be climbing a mountain, paddling down a river, or putting paint brush to paper. Upon discovering my love for conceptual design and spatial planning, I simultaneously stumbled into a career path where I find myself enthusiastic about my work. The marriage between my dedication to sustainable living and my interest in design will ultimately be what paves the way towards my own perceived success.

This online portfolio contains a variety of my work including: residential, commercial, and institutional projects, 3D digital concept models & post-produced renders, technical working drawings, hand drafted plans and details, print and presentation media, and a selection of personal artwork. This content is an active representation of my broad design portfolio, which will grow with me throughout my career."

  - CJ