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Greetings I am Parmraj Singh Khosa. You can call me Parm. I am an architecture Technology graduate from Sheridan college. I was born and raised in India. I came to Canada in January 2015. In past two years, I have done some residential as-built drawings for Architects, Engineer, and some random clients. I have worked on cottages and boathouses as well. My last Co-Op term was at Ian Maclaren Architect Inc. in Oakville. It was the best job of my life so far. I learned a lot from that work term. I did 3D modeling of existing and proposed cottages and boathouses. I also worked on working drawing revisions and as-builts. I did some site visits with Mr. Ian Maclaren in Muskoka, where my experience with wood construction got increased. I learned about boathouse docks and excavation in rocks. It was a whole new experience for me. I had three people who taught me different things at this work term. Mr. Ian Maclaren (My Boss) is a well-experienced architect. I taught me a lot about wood construction and climate of Muskoka and other facts about construction. Adam Boland (My supervisor) is an experienced architectural technologist helped me to improve my AutoCAD and working drawing skills. Finally my Co-worker Sean Hajdu, he helped me with all the visuals. My photoshop and rendering skills got so much better after that. Other than residential architecture, I have worked as a quality inspector in a curtain wall company called Sotawall. I inspected curtain wall frames according to given shop drawings. It was a fun job. There were around 200-300 people working on the assembly lines. I got the chance to control 2-3 lines with 20+ people.


I am creative, hard working and I have a lot of patience. I came to Canada with the responsibility to take my parents out of struggling life in India. After watching their sufferings my goal was to earn as much money as I can to give them a better life. I chose architecture because I was science student in high school who loved art more than science. When I came to Canada I was 18 and I was the only one from a family who went outside India. In beginning, I had rough times. It took me a while to get used to Canadian food and living standards. I got good friends like Daniel Ferraro and Gabriela Betancourt and great teachers like Ken Snell, Mark Harris and Ian Maclaren(my boss) as my teacher as well who helped me a lot and inspired me a lot. In first semester my struggles were Canadian freezing weather, finding good vegetarian food, how to order food, how to pronounce architecture properly, Language barrier and I was away from my parents for the first time. Little by little I fought this problem. I got help from my two best friends and some great teachers. If they were not there, you were not be reading this paragraph. My condition got better and better every semester. But still, I have a long path to travel. I still need to help my parents and addition to that now I have a dream for my self which is I want to be an architect one day. Hopefully, by working hard, I will be able to achieve both of my goals.