When I first started the architecture program at Sheridan, it was under the pretense that I would find a decent job and live comfortably within my means while slowly paying off my debts from previous failed endeavors at finding a career path. And it was by that philosophy that I succeeded in school as each semester went by. It was only in the last year of school that I learned I wanted so much more out of Architecture than mediocrity.

What attracts me to this industry is the possibilities it promises. I was never attracted to the money, or the prestige of the profession because through research I found that it isn't a glamorous high paying profession. Although I'll admit the prestige of working in Architecture is enticing, but only because of the wide range of skills, and thus responsibilities it entails.

From my brief introduction into Architecture, I've become aware of a conscious incompetence in the industry, something that doesn't discourage me, but actually excites me to futher my knowledge and competence in the profession through further education.

It seems I've found a profession that aligns with my goals in life. I believe Architecure can help me actualize the change I want to see in this world through ideas such as affordable housing, sustainable design and elegant spaces that seem to create an atmosphere that promotes happiness.

It is my intention to take the knowledge acquired from Sheridan and further develop my skills to an Architectural licensure so I can be proud of the work I live to do.