Minutes away from presenting my Architectural Studio 4 project - April 17,2015







Hey everyone! My name is Anthony Lagrotteria and I am a soon-to-be graduate from the Architectural Technology Program at Sheridan College. To tell you abit about myself, I am originally from northern Quebec but I now reside in Niagra Falls, Ontario.

You can say that I chose to go in the direction of architecure because of my childhood interest of playing with legos, but in fact I've always had a passion for designing and applying that skill to possible real-life projects. It wasn't until I took Technology Design at Denis Morris Catholic Secondary School that I knew I really wanted to get into architecture. My teacher at the time had a major influence on me choosing this field of study because of the interesting projects and learing activities we did in class such as two-point perspective hand drawings, creating models, and learning to use AutoCad for the first time as well as SketchUp.














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