My name is Ian Lane and I am a 'Class of 2018' graduate from the Architectural Technology 3-year Co-op program offered at Sheridan College. I was born in Toronto, now living in Oakville, Ontario where I have spent most of my life. I made the decision to apply to Sheridans Architectural Technology program because I have always had a fond interest in both the creative and technical aspects that came with the field of architecture. I have found that my time and efforts spent at Sheridan has really paid off as I now feel that I acquire the essential skills to be successful in the architectural industry.

Aside from my interest in architecture, I am also greatly interested in music, landscape photography (samples of my own on the right), and spending time outdoors in nature. Since a young age, I have always enjoyed being outdoors; whether it be when I am camping, hiking or fishing, and I believe it is reflected in some of my other hobbies and interests like my photography and project designs completed for Sheridan.

My goal after graduation is to become part of a great architecture firm as an Architectural Technologist so that I can take pride in the contributions I made to some new and amazing buildings.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy checking out the rest of it!