About Me


About Salman Miah

Salman Miah is a graduate of the Architectural Technology Program at Sheridan College. He currently holds an Advanced Diploma as well as his Ontario Secondary School Diploma. He is currently working on receiving his BCIN credentials while plying his trade in the industry. He is also studying to become a qualified Islamic Scholar at Mathabah Foundation in Brampton, ON.

Salman's future plans include going back to Sheridan College to receive his bachelors degree in Architecture and eventually achieving his masters degree. After acquiring his BCIN, Salman plans on working in the industry and eventually opening up his own firm, Archtec Studios, specializing in Custom Residential projects and to eventually become a developer, creating sustainable community developments later on in life.

Salman was born in 1993 in Toronto, Ontario. He moved to Brampton, ON in 2002, where he currently resides with his family. He is an active member of the Brampton Muslim community, often participating in spiritual events and was the former president of the Sheridan Muslim Students Association.

In his past time, Salman enjoys playing various sports including soccer, basketball and wrestling. He also enjoys going for long drives and road trips whilst traveling Canada. When he is not studying, working, traveling or playing sports, Salman spends his time with his family and friends who are an integral part of his life.

Salman's interest include cars, sports and world affairs. He is always up to date regarding world issues, never misses a Chelsea FC or Raptors game and will always stop to appreciate a beautiful vehicle.