Studio 6 - Firestation Renovation

For this studio class we were tasked with renovating an existing firestation in Brampton, Ontario. Our main objective was to create a new layout that improved both the function and safety of the station. To accomplish this, the sleeping arrangements were updated to create more private spaces, and a decontamination sequence was added.




Emerging Building Technologies - Park Pavilion

Emerging Building Technologies challenged us to start our design for a park pavilion by considering the fauna that we would like to support. Based on this idea, I created a haven for dragonflies, who require freshwater sources. The pavilion is designed to move water from the lilypad inspired roofs successively down from one to the next, until it reaches the pond. The pavilion is a net zero energy building, and is meant to connect with the neighbouring park through it's use of materials.



Studio 5 - Queen Street Mixed-use Building

Studio 5 involved designing a mixed-use building on Queen Street West in Toronto. There was a large existing tree which we were encouraged to keep, and so this design was developed with that tree in mind. My partner and I wanted to create a unique building, yet something that would still belong to the neighbourhood. Our design is an inverted ziggurat with blue highlights, playing upon Queen Street's artistic history. The building layout has a tight core to allow for the maximum rentable space possible.