I was born in Toronto, Ontario in October of 1981. We moved to Brampton 10 years later. I graduated from Notre Dame Secondary School in 1999 and started my Auto mechanic apprenticeship shortly after. I worked for three Canadian Tire locations and two General Motors Dealerships.

I had accumulated the required 9000 hours and was waiting for my scheduled appointment to write my certificate of qualification when my life changed. In February of 2007 I was involved in a workplace accident at the shop I worked for, Mad Motorsports located in Brampton, Ontario.

I was severely burned in a gasoline fire and watched my life flash before my eyes as I was engulfed in flames.  I still don’t remember much of the months that followed my accident but after a long physical and mental rehabilitation process and lots of care form my loved ones I have fully recovered. Since then, I’ve learned how to play the guitar, married my high school sweetheart Lesley, had the most beautiful baby daughter, Sierra and graduated one of the hardest programs in any Ontario college.

My absolute passion in life is being a family man and everything I do is for my wife and daughter. This program is extremely demanding and there is no way that I would have been able to even have come close to finishing this program with the excellent grades that I have achieved without the support of my beautiful wife Lesley.



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