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Who I am

My full name is Talha Sohaib Muhammad and I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. I came to Canada at a young age and spent almost all of my life here. Throughout the course of my life I don’t believe I ever thought I would end up developing an inclination and understanding of architecture, rather I don't think the word "architecture" was even in my vocabulary. Today is August 10th, 2013, and only days remain before I graduate the Architectural Technology program at Sheridan College. Every semester I thought of quitting and dropping out of this course, but through the advice of my parents I understood that I had to finish what I started. When I applied for this course I really... really had no idea what I was getting my self into. From semester one to three I didn't have the motivation or passion to try my best, I just wanted to finish... I was still in the "high school mode". After semester three, something inside of me changed. I wanted try my best, learn from my mistakes and excel in everything I did. From semester four and onwards I have been taking exhaustive measures to do the best I possibly can in an attempt to produce high quality work. I am not saying that I am a very intelligent person or one of the top students in my course, all I'm saying is that I have learnt how to try my best.

I can produce a variety of architectural work at a professional level. I enjoy interior designing, 3D Rendering and the idea of passive solar design. In the future, I plan on further developing my architectural skills and emerge as an individual who can have a positive impact on the way we live. I constantly get the idea of becoming an Architect one day, an Architect who can carry out the needs of the people in a way that coordinates with nature. Soon I plan on taking the Ontario Building Code examination in order to obtain a Building Code Identification Number in the category of "small buildings". I will also try to become licensed in several other categories of the building code as the need arises. One of my dreams is to engage in the design of a Masjid/Mosque, this would truly be a privilege that I would be honored to take part in.

I am also Muslim. As a child I grew up without having value for my faith. My parents would try their best to raise me in a manner that was in conjunction with Islam. I just didn't get it and took it as an obstacle in my life. Slowly I began to take action on my own without being told to do so by my parents. Regardless, the most I would do on my own was pray... there was a long way for me to go. During the summers my mother would send me with neighbors to attend the Friday sermon and prayer. Every week I listened to the speaker, I would hear him advising the congregation about matters that involved doing good actions and avoiding wrong ones. Every week I heard this, I would feel guilty because there was always something I lacked. I made it a point to mend my shortcomings so I could attend the gathering without feeling guilty. Despite this slow change, I had a lot of shortcomings... and I still do. I was lacking one of the most important things I needed to secure my faith... a teacher. Near the last one or two years of my high school career, my mother told me that she heard about someone who was conducting Quran classes and advised me to learn from him. His name is Waleed Hilal and I can't express in words how grateful I am to him. I became his student and he patiently taught me how to recite the Quran, how to behave as an asset to society and how to be a good Muslim. I don't think I ever imagined taking this path, but I'm glad I did.

"Know that whatever misses you could never have hit you and what hits you could never have missed you."

~ Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ~




Since grade seven I have had a strong attachment to the game of basketball. I love to watch it, play it, play the video games and talk about it. My favorite player has always been LeBron James. As much as I love this sport, being an Architectural Student at Sheridan College demands a lot of time from me and prevents me from spending too much of it elsewhere. Once I get the time, I will definitely spend more time enjoying the game of basketball from pretty much every angle.

I also love to read... even though I don’t get much time to do it. My favorite book is The Quran! I enjoy reading novels, articles, and especially Islamic literature. I like to spend my time reading books that will benefit me and make me a better human being. Sometimes I like to take a break and read a good story as well.

I am a person who thinks family comes first! I really hope my career is structured in a way that allows me to spend an adequate time with my family. Fortunately and unfortunately society has been engrossed in a life style of technology that distances one from having a face to face conversation. People live in the same house yet see, talk, and interact with one another so infrequently. My goal is to break out of this trend and have as much quality time and fun with my family as possible.