So! You want to learn more about me do ya? You've come to the right place. I will try to keep this short and sweet, which may prove to be a little difficult...

Segue! I can attribute my struggle with keeping writing short and sweet to the incessant creative thoughts that start spilling out of my brain whenever I start typing (Please see Creative Writing). I can't complain though, this occurrence of "thought spilling" is a pretty handy way of working through any problem, whether it is intended or not.

This "thought spilling" actually contributed to how I stumbled into architecture. After the restaurant I was working at shut down and while I was looking for alternative employment, during my "breaks" from job searching, I discovered a program that I thought to be slightly insignificant in my life, just some sketching program that I used to waste time. The program - Google SketchUp. As I was sketching on the program, one of those "thought spilling" occurrences was taking place when my girlfriend Wendy asked "why don't you do that for a living?" And... Voila! Here I am at the end of a long three years in the Architectural Technology Program at Sheridan College.

Google SketchUp has become the No. 1 program in my arsenal of design related programs. During school and even at my co-op placement, I have modeled many different buildings (please see Renderings) that continued to construction, many different concept designs and even a few more specific models of staircases.

Outside of school and work I spend a lot of time reading, novel after novel, continuously building my library. And now that school is done, I will have time again to go back to hitting the gym - one of my favorite activities that was put aside most of the time to make room for homework. Along with some of my favorite activities, my favorite sport was also put on hiatus. I have played soccer for almost my entire life, these past two summers however, I have been in school and needed to take a seat on the sidelines to make more room for school work. Soccer, barbeques, camp fires and patios are the top four things I am looking forward to the most when I am done school.

One thing I did make time for was travelling (Please see Photography). Let's face it, everybody needs a vacation! During my time at Sheridan, I travelled to Walt Disney World in Florida, Jamaica, and most recently Newfoundland. When I travel, I like to relax. I am fairly normal after all. But what I really enjoy about travelling is learning about the local history and trying to immerse myself in the different cultures.

Short and Sweet!

Now, hopefully you know a little more about me and have gotten a sense of my personality. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time for not only visiting my site but also for satisfying your curiosity for I believe curiosity breeds creativity, and creativity is one of humanity's most powerful tools when it comes to taking care of our world and making it a better place to live every day.

Thank You.

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