Interior design

Function, comfort, and passion are the fundamental principles at Abyss Designs. Interiors represent an environment that refelcts our personality and lifestyle, through design AD will work to create the environment that best represents you.

residential design

Residential design is a direct reflection of those who occupy it, this is what makes a "home". At Abyss designs, I work directly with clients to understand without a doubt what is desired from the project to create a budget friendly sustainable home.


Mercer cottage: conceptual design


Little Lake Joe cottage: working drawings (CAD)

Full sheet set:HC_cottage (construction completed Sept 2011)


Noble Residence: working drawings (CAD)

Full sheet set:Noble_WD


Little Lake Joe detatched garage: working drawings (CAD)

Full sheet set: HC_garage (construction completed July 2012)

commercial design

Abyss Designs works closley with the clients to gain a full understanding of the project scope. By creating a number of conceptual designs while working together it allows for the design to reflect the most functional and sustainable project possible.


Architectural Demonstration Center: working drawings (Revit)

Full sheet set: Democenter_WD

technical reports

Throughout the design process, research plays a large role. Abyss designs strives on that challenge, always looking for new technologies, systems and materials to reflect each project individually.

Passive Solar Design Strategies_strawbale insulation

3d visualization / renderings

Through the use of the latest Computer Assited Design(CAD) and multi-media software Abyss Designs is able to create photo realistic imagery and animations for proposed projects. This allows clients to visualize interior/ exterior design concepts with realistic materials and lighting principles prior to conctruction providing a smooth tranisition into the finishing stages of the project with minimal conflict.

DC1dc2dcfoyer villalivingvillacolumnvillamaster

Sheridan College Architectural Demonstration Center

Designed and modelled in Revit by: Jay Parsons

Mountain Villa, Mexico City

Designed by: Parque Harmano, Modelled in 3D Max by: Jay Parsons