Jakub Pauch's Portoflio

Jakub Pauch

3152 Sir Johns Homestead

Canada, Ontario, Mississauga

Work Experience - School - Goals - Skills - Extra Curricular

Work Experience:

2011-2013: Mile Stones

2011-2013: Khali Wear (Co owned clothing brand)

2012-2013: Designed a front porch to construction phase, did not have design built.


2009-2010: University of Windsor; Art and Art History.

2010-2013: Sheridan College; Architectural Technologist.

2013: Sheridan Engineering Club School Credit.


Make the world a more efficient environment.


Programs: Proficient in AutoCad, Revit, Excel, Windows Movie Maker, FL Studio, Photoshop.

Fast, efficient, aggressive, inventive.

Bi lingual: in English and Polish, light Ukrainian.

Extra Curricular:

2007: Ranked top 100 in War Craft 3 1 vs. 1 U.S. East Coast ladder rankings

2008: Erindale High school Rugby team Captain

2010: Ranked top 100 Star Craft 2 1 vs. 1 U.S. East Coast ladder rankings

2012: Sheridan Bruins Rugby Team

2012-2013: Sheridan Engineering Club