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Ebenezer Hall

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Ebenezer Community Hall is historically significant because it is one of the last few remaining one-room schoolhouses in the Greater Toronto Area. Preserving the original heritage significance of the existing Ebenezer Hall and Creating a unique solution to repurposing and expanding the existing building into a local community landmark and meeting place. The new addition is complex, multi-storey, multi-use, building. The design development phase/stage required the application of (OBC, part 3, and 11), local planning issues, sustainable design considerations, accessibility (AODA), and coordinating the work of other consultants(ie structural, mechanical and electrical), to prepare a set of construction documents including wall sections with key details. (The “New Ebenezer Hall” project was completed in Revit, in partner of three)

South-West View (Day time)
South -West Vew (night time)
South-East View
South-West View
Site & First Floor Plam
Second Floor Plan
first floor plan
First Floor Plan
second floor plan
Second Floor Plan
building section
Building Section
wall section
Wall Section
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