I have always believed that to learn about something, you have to take it apart.  In my childhood I would disassemble television sets, radio, lawnmowers, just to learn what was inside. 

When I had the opportunity to purchase my own home, I jumped at the chance and was soon knee deep in renovations.  Taking parts of my small townhouse apart and learning how to put it together, while under the supervision of skilled trades people.  I learned the hands-on approach to renovations.  I eventually became good enough at these tasks that I started my own contracting company, which ran successfully for 2 years. 

What I found through this experience was that although I could fix just about anything in a home, I lacked the formal education which would empower me to take on the steps to becoming something more.   Fast forward three years, I have completed my education at Sheridan College in the Architectural Technology program and I am now ready to pursue my goals in the field of architecture.