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Studio 5
In Studio 5 a group project was assigned to design Multi Storey Residential Building at Queen Street West, Toronto where ground floor was commercial retail. Our group designed it with bi-level residential unit design on top of it.We had total of 15 units with balconies.The main feature was slanted glazed windows all around the building which allowed the building to have the maximum natural light throughout the year.Also the all the units had green roof terraces.The materials used were prodema panels whose colour was selected quiet similar with the neighbourhood to feel the same resemblance.


This project is residential located in Mississauga where we had chance to work with client on actual renovation proposal which included taking measurements on site. Client's requirement was to add a second suite on top of garage with seperate entrance. We did two proposals for the client complying all the code requirements from the city and also proposed covered porch and deck. Actual budget with all the costs was also prepared according to different proposals.


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Studio 6
For Studio 6, we are challanged to redesign fire station to make it more functional & safe for fire fighters.For this proposal, the main feature of the building is using contrast colours to seperate apparatus bay and living space from exterior.The locker room is designed in such a way most of the toxication can be avoided.Another feature of the station is kitchen which is shown in building section.There is also a open patio with bamboo screening next to kitchen which is surrounded by trees which is shown on the site plan.