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"Lot 8"

Movement, waters breath
Organic Serenity
Industry restoration
Absence creates form

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Water Front Development

The City of Mississauga is Canada’s sixth largest city with projections of 800,000+ residents by 2031. The city’s official plan calls for intensification to accommodate these numbers. With that in mind they have decided to develop their waterfront with mixed use buildings. These uses include retail, cafes, restaurants, offices and residential units. Preserving the public realm is one of the key intentions the city of Mississauga is proposing, which is obtained by clearly defining a pedestrian realm. Our building is located on lot 8 of the Mississauga Waterfront Development, on the South-East corner of the promenade, with amazing views to the city of Toronto and unobscured views to the lake. 

This design explores the evolution from natural to industrial form. It depicts the transformation of the organic form that grows from Lake Ontario into the pure industrial from. The organic building is the restaurant, café and art gallery, while the industrial building is the retail, office and residential units. The uses of each building support the clear definition between the organic space defining the pedestrian realm and the industrial building defining the private realm. The form responds to the adjacent park. The relationship created by the rock formations which seem to grow from the ground and nest on top of the building creates a strong relationship the park. This creates movement through the site and into the park. It also offers green spaces to residents living on the upper levels and provides lovely views to the citizens of Mississauga. The office and residential building has a strong presence along the East North-South spine giving the occupants a clear view of the sunrise, as well as, the City of Toronto’s Skyline. The separation of the buildings it creates a pedestrian walkway through the middle. This creates tension between the buildings. There are two bridges which connect the buildings together. They were created by extending the organic form into the industrial form. This reaffirms the buildings evolution from natural into industrial, while defining industry’s cold unresponsiveness and natures soft dissemination.

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