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Shane E. Smith

15 Florence Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M2N 1G1
p. 647-453-2583
e. mistershanesmith@gmail.com


     I was born in the Lower Mainland just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. I remember early years raking through piles of Lego bricks and wandering farmland and forests, lost in my imagination. When I was in grade 3, , my family moved to Quadra, one of the emerald gems of the Discovery Island Chain between the north end of Vancouver Island and the coast of B.C. There, in the temperate rain forest, with fresh salt air and a dizzying palette of greens, browns and blues, I learned to discern the intricate linkages and overlapping feedback systems of nature.

      As a teenager, I set aside the Lego for a 23oz Vaughan "California Framer", a hand-me-down Makita circular saw, a pile of 2x4's and a promise from a skilled mentor that, in exchange for a lot of sweat, splinters and bent nails, I could learn to build homes for people. I guess I was still playing with Lego, although the process was more tangible, more physical, and ultimately, much more rewarding.

     Working as a builder revealed my knack for troubleshooting and problem solving. I could innately use nearly any technology I encountered. So, I loaded Google Sketchup onto my laptop, piled 8 years’ worth of accumulated tools into my truck, thanked my mentor, and set out to design and build things for people.

    A few years of renovations, custom decks, furniture and numerous creative building solutions helped me decide to advance the design and technical skills that I had been slowly acquiring. I enrolled in the Architectural Technology Program at Sheridan College, in Toronto

     The Big Smoke was a very different place from the verdant Quadra. After the paperwork and travel dust settled, I soon found my niche and started growing a new network. As a student at Sheridan College, I tapped into construction and design networks and obtained big city Design, Inspection and Construction Management experience.

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