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Architectural Studio 6 - Summer 2008
Rack House 'J' Community Centre
The final Architectural Studio project was a collaborative effort between myself and three other students.
The Rack House 'J' was a renovation of an historical warehouse in the Distillery District of the West Don Lands, Toronto. We were tasked with designing a community centre with multiple major occupancies such as a Day Care, Wood Working Shop and Fitness Centre. Each member was tasked with designing specific areas and building systems.

Building Information Modeling - Summer 2008
Coffee Shop
cafe thumbnail A licensed cafe that has a raised stage and a fully accessible mezzanine level.

Architectural Computer Visualization - Summer 2008
Nercön House, Chilé
We had to choose a home that was architecturally significant and model it completely using AutoDesk VIZ 2008. Just about every F.L.W. house was done in previous semesters so I had to go with another Architect. Smiljan Radic is a young Architect from Chilé who was tasked with re-designing an incomplete custom home.

Photos by me
Taken using a Kodak 5mp digital camera
Some of my favorite photography taken with in the last five years.

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