About Me

My name is Orest Szymanski. I'm in my final year of Architectural Technology at Sheridan College. I was born in Niagara Falls, Canada and have been living here all my life with my two brothers and my mom and dad. I have travelled to Quebec, Poland, and Germany. I definately would like to see more of the world someday.

I always wanted to pursue a career in the design industry with a company that is a leader in design.


I admire the work of architects like Paolo Soleri, Oscar Niemeyer, I.M.Pei, and Kenzo Tange. I like the idea of architecture that is on a massive scale, because I like to see and explore the problems and challenges involved with designing a building that is as big as a city. I think as a society we should move in this direction if we continue urban sprawl. I am interested in new building technologies and ways in which we can reverse the cycle of destruction being inflicted on the planet.

Whenever I'm not doing school work or working outside of school I like to play guitar, run, swim, paint, and read. I like watching soccer and boxing.