For the past ten years, I have worked as an Electrician learning, being adaptive and expanding my knowledge. To be able to work with my hands has always been satisfying. As I have always played the role of build & installation, the role of a designer was quite intriguing to me. How do certain components of a building go together? What planning and forethought is needed in order to design? During the past 3 years at Sheridan College I have been enrolled in such a course? As an Architectural Technologist, I have learned quite a bit to add onto my previous knowledge, skills, and experience. The professors that have taught me were either Architects themselves or up and coming Architects.

Throughout these past years, I have gained solid hands on experience in researching, planning, and drafting up numerous plans and details in accordance to the Ontario Building Code. Learning the importance about sustainability, Leeds and Passive Solar have helped me to appreciate that design cannot come at an expense to the environment. I do have a great appreciation for the outdoors and have a desire to protect it, which is why sustainable architecture is important.

My strengths in Architecture have been in working drawings, Ontario Building Code, Project Management (Estimating) and Mathematics. I have learned a number of computer software that is beneficial and also the latest to use.

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