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Hey there, My name is Denny Ward, and I would first off like to take a second to say thank you for taking time out of your day to check out my site!

I am 27 years old and I am in the midst of completing my Architectual Technologies program at Sheridan College in Brampton Ontario. For the past 3 I have been vigorously studying architecture, designing and detailing buildings in autodesk programs such as Auto Cad, Revit and 3ds Max. When Im not designing and detailing, I make time to balance out my work schedule by playing my guitar and working out. I train on an MMA team in burlington and practice Brazillian Jui Jitsu as often as possible.

Ever since way back as a youngster, from the lego days to building multi level tree forts, Ive always know that construction and design was for me. I came into this program with what I felt was a fair amount of construction knowledge, but I will be leaving with so much more than I expected. These last 3 years have not been easy by any stretch but they have built up a wealth of skills, knowledge, creativity and most important character with in me.

I look forward to continuing to practice sustainable architecture and to bringing my knowlegde and creative ideas to the industry. I think that a greener future is up to all of us, but considering the size of carbon foot print that new building construction contributes to this as a whole, I feel that it is up to this generation of architects and engineers to curve this trend into building standard.

I am passionate about designing and constructing buildings that will be much more green than the current standard, much more comftable to live and work in, as well incorperating emerging building technologies into their design!