My name is Beth Weymouth and I am a new graduate from Sheridan College’s Architectural Technology program. Having completed this phase of my education, I am ready to begin a thriving career. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.

I sparked an interest for design and architecture at an early age. I have always enjoyed forms of art as well as math and problem solving. In high school, I had the opportunity to take technology courses where I learned AutoCAD and completed design projects. This reassured me that architecture was right for me.

In Sheridan College, I have excelled in classes and made many friends. I completed my 3 semesters of co-op working in Facilities Management at the college itself, helping design and manage various renovation projects. This was a great learning experience for me.

I have a great work ethic and a bright personality. I tend to accredit this to the 13 years I have spent as a competitive figure skater. This drove me to become a dedicated, individual worker who shines with creativity and confidence.

I am also a musician and have been singing in choirs and solo for all my life. This has helped me learn how to work with a team and build from constructive criticism.

Skating Choir

Beach Being young, I am also part of the technology age and am very interested and open to learning about new technologies. I was surprised how interested I was in green technologies after studying them this semester.

I enjoy photography, video games and spending time with friends. I also look forward to travelling and seeing the world. Now that I have completed my education at Sheridan College I hope to expand my knowledge and improve my qualifications through certifications and employment opportunities.