A lot of my friends and co-workers thought that I am a strange girl when they first met me.  They always ask me why would I think of something in a very different way, see things in a different concept, my answer is I was born with a strange brain.  Back when I still lived in Hong Kong, at the age of 5, I am curious of everything around me.  I wear my mom's lip stick, wear my daddy's boot, press all the buttons on the record player, wonder if there will be little people inside the TV, and most of my time, I wonder why my grandmother's house was built over a river. (Sounds like the famous " Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright)  That's right, my grandmother's house is where I love to hang around when I was a child.  This triggered my brain to start having strange thoughts.  Around the age of 10, I wonder why walls can be smooth and rocks are rough.  I wonder why the sky is blue, the leaf is green, why do airplane fly, and why can I see with my eyes.  Strange thoughts filled my mind, and action follows.  I peeked inside the TV, pull out buttons on the record player, crack a piece of concrete wall to observe and paint all over the place, and I fold origami planes with my Barbie dolls sitting on them and throw them down the street hoping it will fly.  The only thing that still puzzled me is how can my grandmother's house sit over a river with out falling?  I start trying to built on the river with no knowledge of supports for houses, I use twigs and leafs, rocks and mud, nothing works.  The question is hidden behind my mind after I came to Canada, and now I found the answer.  Ever since I started the journey of designing, my strange brain found it's perfect match.