CAD Lab Access Policy

  1. Opening Hours:

    The CAD Labs are open for all users with a valid CAD Lab login during the following hours:

    Monday – Sunday:  Open from 7:30am to 2:30 am

  2. Restricted Access:

    Access to the CAD Labs will be granted only to students with valid student Identification and active access cards. Access is for the Cad Labs B414, B430, B432 and B494 7 days a week until 2:00 am only.  There will be no overnight privileges.

    Students who are not currently enrolled in the architectural, Interior Design or Interior Decorating Programs will not have access to the CAD Labs. 

    For those who are currently enrolled, they must follow the terms and conditions as follows:

    Terms and Conditions

    • Students will not prop open doors or allow access to any ineligible students.
    • Students will not eat or drink in the labs.
    • Students will leave the labs in a clean and tidy state.
    • Students will not abuse the plotters by wasting precious supplies (paper, ink etc)
    • Guests of students (individuals who do not have a CAD Lab account and active access cards) are not allowed in the CAD Labs.
    • Students will behave in a manner consistent with all Sheridan policies.
  3. Special Access:

    In certain situations special access may be given. please speak with your Associate Dean to discuss the special access need.

  4. CAD Lab Environment:
    • No food allowed in the CAD Labs.
    • No drinks allowed in the CAD Labs with the exception of closed bottles.   Coffee cups, open cans or any other containers that can cause a spill are a hazard and are not allowed near the computers or equipment.
    • A table will be provided in each CAD room for students to leave their food and drinks while using the CAD Labs.
    • Students are not allowed to use the podiums or the projectors except during class activities and then only with the permission of the instructor.
    • Do not unplug any computers equipment.  Open network jacks or power is available on partitions above the table tops.
    • Respect other CAD Lab users.  Keep the music and sound levels low.
  5. CAD Lab login and account security:

    During periods of low computer demand, students can login to more than one CAD Lab workstation if necessary.

    After you login, it is recommended that you:

    • Do not leave your workstation unattended.
    • Lock the workstation if you have to temporarily leave the vicinity.
    • Always log off when you are finished.
  6. Overnight and after hours rendering:

    Students may run the workstations overnight for rendering or complex calculations.  The procedure for doing this:

    1. Logon to one or more workstations after regular opening hours.
    2. Prepare your files and set the software to render to the local hard drive (D: drive).
    3. Run the render.  Wait until the first frame has rendered (to ensure that it will not ask for any additional maps or bitmaps etc..).
    4. Lock the workstation.
    5. Place a sign on the computer that says “Rendering – please don’t touch”, then exit the CAD Lab.
    6. Return early the next morning before the first class in the room, unlock the workstation and copy the results from the local hard drive.

    NOTE: If a class starts in the room where workstations are locked, the workstations will be powered off and restarted to accommodate the class.

  7. Locking CAD Lab workstations during opening hours:

    Due to high enrolment and multiple classes and programs using the CAD Labs, locking a computer for a long period during opening hours is not allowed.  It is recommended you do not try to render during opening hours.

     If a class starts in the room where workstations are locked, the workstations will be powered off and restarted to accommodate the class.

  8. Permission to remain in rooms while classes are going on:

    Students may ask permission from the faculty member to allow them to work quietly in the room while classes are going on. They will be asked to leave if the computer is required for the class in session.

  9. Proper use of the CAD Lab equipment

    The CAD Lab is an educational environment.  Using the CAD Lab software for any other use (such as commercial or business use) is prohibited.


Failure to abide by these policies will result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension of your CAD Lab account.

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