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Mapping CAD Lab Shares on Macbook Pro Laptops

To set up the CAD Lab Network Shares on a MacBook Pro OSX Mountain Lion Laptop.....

  1. Click Finder from the Dock on your screen.


  2. From the Finder Task Bar at the top of your screen, click the Go pull down menu and then click Connect To Server...


  3. You should be presented with the following;

    Server Address

  4. In the Connect to Server dialogue box and in the Server Address, type one of the following:
    • For the Windows O: drive, type: smb://solaria/YourUserName$ **
    • For the Windows V: drive, type: smb://trantor/distrib
    • For the Windows W: drive, type; smb://trantor/YourClassCode ***
    You can press the plus (+) button beside the Server Address to remember the connection so it does not need to be typed each time you need to map the drive.
  5. In the Enter your name and password for the server "solaria" (or "trantor") pick Registered User..
    • Type your UserName in the User name box (UserName is your CAD Lab logon name)
    • Type the CAD Lab account password in the password box.
    • You can also Check the Remember this password in my keychain check box.

    Login Credentials

  6. Pick Connect.

    Connecting to Server

**Note: YourUserName$ is your CAD Lab login name followed by a dollar sign (i.e. sing1234$)

***Note: YourClassCode is your class number (i.e. 51ad3, 55ad2 or 53mdy3)


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