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Plotting to the KIP 7100 Plotter

  1. Open your drawing.
  2. Click on the Layout tab you want to plot to make it the current layout.
    Right-click the layout tab and then click Page Setup Manager.
  3. Page Setup Manager.jpg

  4. In the Page Setup Manager dialog box, click Modify.
  5. Page Setup Manager Dialog.jpg

  6. On the Printer/Plotter Name pull-down list, select the KIP 7100 plotter.
    Select your Paper size and Plot style from the pull down menus.
  7. Page Setup - Layout 1.JPG

  8. Click OK.
  9. Right-click the layout tab and then click Plot.
  10. Check the Plot settings. Make sure you click Preview and examine the preview. If everything looks correct, click OK to plot.
  11. Plot.JPG

If your drawing does not plot correctly:

  1. Right-click the layout tab and then click Plot.
  2. Click Properties (next to the Plotter name).
  3. In the Plotter Configuration Editor dialog box, click Custom Properties.
  4. Plotter Configuration Editor.JPG

  5. In the Printing Preferences dialog box, on the Paper/Scaling tab:
    - Select Portrait and Centre from the Alignment pull down menu.


  7. Click OK twice. If you are prompted, click OK to create a temporary plot file.


  9. Click Plot and plot the layout again..
  10. Plot.JPG


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