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Topping Up Your CAD Lab Printing Account

In the CAD Labs, we try to provide enough credit towards printing as required. After years of monitoring printing needs in the CAD Labs we have determined that in most cases $100 or printing credit is more than enough to get the average student through a semester, printing and plotting as required by the course content. In some cases students may exceed this printing credit while printing "extras" not neccessarily required by the program. Once that $100 initial credit is used up, the students may be required to purchase more "CAD Lab Printing Credits".

When the student account dips below $25 of remaining credit, the CAD Lab desktop computers will display a popup message stating "Your balance is getting low. Please contact your administrator before you run out." This message is a courtesy message to keep students informed that they have almost used up their CAD Lab Printing Credit. Please adjust your printing habits accordingly.

Once a student account uses up all of their allotted quota, the CAD Lab desktop computers will display a pop up message stating; "Insufficient balance in account for this job. Print job cancelled. Please contact your administrator for instructions on how to purchase more printing credits." At this point the student will not be able to print further in the CAD Lab without purchasing additional Print Credits.

To top up your CAD Lab Printing Credit:

  1. During regular business hours, the student requiring additional print credits needs to visit the Registrar's Office (temporary location is in B216)
  2. Tell the clerk you would like to purchase additional CAD Lab Printing and provide the clerk with Item Type 300286 for the account number.
  3. Pay the clerk for the additional printing and they will issue you a receipt for the total additional printing.
  4. Bring the receipt to the CAD Technologist's office in B113b during regular business hours, and the Technologist will add the appropriate amount to the individuals acoount.
  5. Continue printing as usual.

Estimating additional printing requirements:

If you require additional printing, the following is a breakdown of some of the costs involved in printing to the CAD Lab Printers;

  • Each Letter size sheet (8-1/2" x 11") costs $0.10
  • Each Tabloid sheet (11" x 17") costs $0.20
  • The average A1 sheet (24" x 36") costs approximately $4.00

Add up what you think you will require and make the appropriate payment to the registrar's office as directed above.

*** ** Please NOTE: This printing credit is for CAD Lab Printing only!
This is NOT transferable or refundable! **


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