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Windows 10 Laptop CAD Lab Printer Setup

To set up the CAD Lab printers on a Windows 10 Laptop.....

  1.  Click the Windows Start button or enter the Cortana Search bar.

  2. Type \\\MI-B414-E1 to setup the Lexmark black and white printer.

  3. In the “Enter Network Credentials” window:
    • for Username, enter: cadlab\********
      where ******** is your CAD Lab login name.
    • for Password, enter your CAD lab password.

    • Check the “Remember my Credentials” box.
    • Click OK.

  4. The “Windows Printer Installation” window will pop up and connect to the printer.
  5. Once you have connected to the first printer, connect the remaining printers/plotters by going into the Settings Menu > Devices.

  6. Click “Add a Printer or Scanner”.

  7. Click Select a shared printer by name.
  8. Enter \\terminus\\

  9. Select the desired printer from the list. If the list does not appear, enter the desired server\printer name instead from the list below:

    CAD Lab small size laser printers*:
      Lexmark MS911de    \\\MI-B414-E1
      HP Colour Printer \\\MI-B414-E2
    CAD Lab large format plotters**
      KIP 7170K 1 \\\MI-B414-KIP1
      KIP 7170K 2 \\\MI-B414-KIP2
      HP Z6200 \\\MI-B414-HP1
  10. Once the printer/plotter is connected, click Next and then click Finish.

* The CAD Lab Printers ONLY support Letter (8-1/2" x 11") and Tabloid (11" x 17") paper. All other print jobs WILL BE DELETED!

**NOTE: Do not set the Large Format Plotters as your default printers !


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