My name is Shawn Aguilera, and I am 20 years old. My ethnicities are Ecuadorian and German. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Brampton at the age of 11. During my childhood, I spent most of my time outside with my older brother catching tadpoles and crayfish at our local pond. At the age 13, I was introduced to the world of music production and engineering. Ever since then, I've grown a strong passion for art, especially music and poetry. Eventually I bought myself a deejay set and began my first stepping stone to the music world.

My father was my inspiration to join architecture. He took the program as well but couldn't finish because of personal reasons. Right there, I knew that I wanted to study architecture. I felt like I needed to finish what he started. Also, in highscool, I was recommended to join the architecture field by my construction teacher.

3 years later, here I am, ready to step out into the architecture world. This doesn't mean music is out of the picture. Just a more creative mind for future designs.


"Never be afraid to take the next step,
Even if it kills, just make sure you left,
something kept by others so they can rep,
Give them a purpose to live, while those others can neglect,
Because the people who can learn to take the next step,
do not care about other opinions as long as its meaningful to them and give them a mindset,
A landing where differences are met"
- S.A