My name is Hafsa Ahmed and I am currently in my last year of Sheridan's Architectural Technology Program.

I am very passionate about Architecture and always have been ever since my High School years. My passion started when I took a class related to design studies where I got to learn about Architectural design and the whole idea behind it. This is where it first sparked for me, and that is when I realized pursing a career in Architectural Technology would be one of the best things for me.

I was never one to like History but throughout my years at Sheridan I have gained a great interest towards both Architecture and its history even more. I have always loved traveling and pursuing Architecture has got me even more intrigued about traveling the world, just so I can learn more about the history and design of Architecture all around me. One thing is forsure, as soon as I am able to leave Canada my first stop is going to be Europe, I have always heard great things about European Architecture but never got a chance to visit, so this will most definitely be on the top of my bucket list.

Being at Sheridan has made me learn a lot of things not just about Architecture and design but also about life circumstances and how to deal with critical situations, with the lessons learned I am hoping to find a job and enhance my learning within the field even more and once I have a greater idea about the field and industry I plan on getting my Masters from Boston in the coming years.

Thank You!