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Studio 4

Hamlet West Community Center

This project involved designing a community centre with indoor spaces available to use all around the year as well as ourdoor park spaces and safe space for kids zone. We also designed spaces like library,Conference rooms, computer Labs and lecture rooms on the 2nd storey.

Group Members:Carolina Daza & Maryam Kazerani

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Studio 5

Queens Garden - A multi use 6 storey Building

The project involed designing a multi-use building on Queens Street West. Our group decided to use every inch of land efficienty and came up with the design as well as preserved the native tree in the lot.

Group Members:Carolina Daza & Fernanda Lopes

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Studio 6

204 Firestation - Fire station Renovation

This project involved the renovation of a fire station on Queen Street in Brampton.I took inspiration from food manufacturing facilities. The firefighters fight all sorts of hazards out in the world, so my design was to minimize hazards by proper circulation and decontamination Zones such as sauna for them to keep healthy.



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