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My name is Domenica Antonella Arias. I am a very creative individual, eager to learn and experience a lot of things! My passions include art and design, and have always leaned towards activities that involved them.

I am quite passionate about animations and digital art, being Adventure Time and Rick and Morty my favorite TV shows ever. I also love music, and spend most of my time listening to indie rock, indie pop, and anything my friends would recommend. I am also a big fan and tennis player, Rafa Nadal is the GOAT!

Regarding architecture, I am expected to graduate in December 2022 from the Architectural Technology Program at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. My dream is to become an architect in the future and possibly work in the residential design area and/or visualization industry.

My portfolio is a selection of work that I am proud of and that has been produced during my currecnt studies in 2021-2022 as an Architectural Technologist.

Thank you for reading and hope that you enjoy the website!

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