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The Kinetic Building is a project made for Artscape a “non-profit organization that makes space for creativity and transforms communities”, so that’s where our design concept came to life, Kinetic will be a building that is created for creativity from “inside-out” and definitely it will be transforming the community by art. It is Located on “1056 Queen Street West” and is approximately a 670-meter square Mid- Rise building that consists 6 floors, On the first floor it will consist of a retail, restaurant, and two Galleries, and then after that, it will be a mix of one, or two Bedrooms Lofts, studios, and lots of green spaces for the community to meet.

Our objective and intention is clear, Kinetic building is there to Inspire the community by art so the building itself will be a piece of art that the artists can design from Inside-Out, Since the Mid part of the building consists of thin Metal Cladding that can open and closes, this will allow the artist to control the Natural light going into the lofts, privacy, and the exterior design of the building on a daily basis. This will give an amazing effect at night when the light transfer from inside of the building to the outside including the social interaction aspect of it. The physical imtentions of it are to have a building that is easily incorperated into the exsisting street while making a bold statement.

The base of the building we will be using curtain wall system to allow the people who are walking towards queen west or east have the maximum exposure to what’s inside the building, therefore, it will attract their attention and will lead them into the galleries on Queens street or the restaurant on Fenings. As for the Top part, it will be used as a meeting point for the artists and a common studio so curtain wall system was the obvious choice of material since it can allow the maximum natural light to go into the studio and of course to maximize the view of the city and the beautiful deck that will be provided for the artists to enjoy.
In Conclusion, Kinetic Building is not going to be a normal building it will be a piece of art, therefore we chose the word Kinetic to describe our concept since the building exterior looks will never be the same it will always be in a constant change, that will be done by the artists themselves, like that we meet our clients goal, Kinetic will be a building of creativity and will transform the community.





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