About Me

I am an aspiring Architectural Technologist who studied various areas of Architecture including the design process, project management, building systems, estimating, drafting, and 3D rendering. I am a very creative and visual type of person so my main focus is on 3D rendering/modelling.

I first became interested in architecture and design when I was a little kid obsessed with the Sims franchise, mostly building homes and designing the spaces around the "Sims" aka the client in architectural terms. From there I found out about the HGTV channel and became hooked on the many home building and renovating shows and knew right then and there what I was aspiring to be when I tackle the work field.

I took many design-based and business classes in high school and found the program best suited for me at Sheridan. Whilst at Sheridan I got to meet fellow aspiring Architects and current practitioners.

I am now navigating the full-time field of work in hopes to land the job of my dreams in doing what I love.

Please take a look at my Portfolio and my Resume for more in-depth information on my work and experience in Architectural Design.