- To obtain a position as an Architectural Technologist Co-op student in a company/firm that will enable me to use my educational and employment background in the professional field of architecture.

Baycrest (05/04/2016 – 09/04/2016) (01/02/2017 – 09/24/2017)
Assistant Project Manager (Co-Op) Toronto, Ontario

- Assisted with managing various construction projects (i.e. updating As-Builts,
organizing staff decant, drafting floor plans and furniture layout options, preparing cost estimates, materials and service procurement)
- General administrative work (i.e. editing office manual, maintaining inventory count of hospital equipment and furniture, preparing and updating Excel templates, responding to client needs and inquiries)
- Initiated in planning and organizing renovation for the Children’s Play Space (includes site verification, drafting current and optional floor plans, selecting interior finishes, updating cost estimates)

Metrolinx (01/15/2013 – 04/16/2013)
Research Analyst Toronto, Ontario

- Conducted research on urban forms affecting vehicular emissions for capstone course at UofT in collaboration with Metrolinx
- Spent 120 hours of independent research and attended seminars
- Prepared and presented a final executive summary for the Metrolinx Research Department

Little Miss Henna (01/25/2011 – 09/30/2015)
Events Assistant/Artist Toronto, Ontario
- Managed event services for parties and corporate events
- Provided quality face painting, temporary tattoos, henna, body art, and hot pressing apparel

Sheridan College (Davis 2015-2016) (Hazel McCallion 2016-2018)
- (Architectural Technology Co-Op) Brampton, Ontario

University of Toronto (St. George) (09/07/2008 – 04/26/2013
- Graduated (Honours Bachelor of Arts) Toronto, Ontario
- Completed a double major in Fine Art History (Architecture) and Environmental Studies

St. Marcellinus Secondary School (09/07/2004 – 06/21/2008)
- Graduated (Diploma) Mississauga, Ontario
- Received honour roll status in all four years
- Coordinator for school events (talent shows and fundraisers)

- Freehand drawing and designing
- AutoCAD 2016, Sketchup, Microsoft, Powerpoint and Excel
- Ability to draw (freehand and AutoCAD), read and interpret drawings,
floor plans, details, sections and elevations
- Equally effective working independently and within teams
- Ideal planning and time management skills
- Motivated and persistent to complete projects

- Sketching, painting, clay modeling, Sketchup, and AutoCAD
- Reading and watching crime documentaries, fictional stories (fantasy, mystery and thriller)
- Interior home decorating (room organization and setup)
- Interested in the Urban Heat Island concepts, sustainability and Green Technologies

- Fluent in English, Tamil and Malayalam

Romy Thomas (Manager) - Baycrest
(Facilities Planning and Redevelopment) 3560 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON
M6A 2E1
(416) 785-2500 (Ext. 6236)

Patrick Forestell (Analyst) - Metrolinx
(Mentor and Advisor) 97 Front St. West
Toronto, ON
M5J 2W3
(416) 202-5787 (Ext. 25785)

Melanie Marcus (Owner/Manager) - Little Miss Henna
85 Skymark Dr. #1202
Toronto, ON
M2H 3P2
(416) 464-1901