My name is Jordan Bartsch and I am a recent graduate of Sheridan College's 3-year Architectural Technologist Co-op Program. This website is a showcase of my achievements throughout those three years; it demonstrates the growth of my technical abilities and application of creative thought to the architectural process. It may not be apparent, but prior to this program I had zero experience with any of the programs I have now come to learn, including AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

Before coming to Sheridan College, I had lived in Central Alberta for the entirety of my life. I grew up in a collection of small towns and graduated high school in the rural farming community of Rimbey, colloquially known for its collection of restored antique trucks.

After high school I pursued post-secondary training in theatre acting, something I was passionate about throughout my teenage years. I attended Red Deer College for 2 years, where I learned how to sing, dance, act, and (my personal favorite) perform stage combat. However, as graduation loomed ever closer, I realized that I would prefer financial stability over the bohemian lifestyle that many actors are forced to adapt as they struggle to find work. I decided to take a year off from school to work and identify what I might want to do for the rest of my life.

During my year off I worked as a Pipefitter, constructing oilfield pressure-control equipment for use on drilling and well-servicing rigs. Part of this job involved reading AutoCAD-produced drawings; this was my first exposure to anything from Autodesk. However, the drawings were very poorly drafted and often led to guesswork by some angry laborers. It was then that I realized that if I was sitting in a nice air-conditioned office drawing lines on a computer all day, I would make sure to actually do a good job. As I continued to piece together my future career possibilities, it was eventually ascertained that Architecture would be the field for me.

In September 2012 I moved to Brampton, ON to attend the Architectural Technologist program at Sheridan College. There are many contributing factors that led me so far East, but the end result is embodied within this website. I have learned, adapted, and grown substantially during my three years here so far and will continue to do so in a professional environment. I hope to one day become a full-fledged Architect so that I can design buildings and leave my mark on this world.

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