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 S k i l l s
  • Able to learn and adapt quickly
  • Effective time management and planning skills
  • Hands on building skills
  • Enthusiastic about new architectural technologies (passive design in particular)
  • Proficient in hand drafting and visual arts
  • OBC working knowledge with sections 3, 9 and Supplementary standards SB-2, SB-3

W o r k

E x p e r i e n c e



Sheridan College Woodshop: HMC Branch                          Winter-Spring 2019
Mississauga, Ontario

  • Problem solving
  • Working drawings and modeling
  • Efficient production and use of material
  • Organized Visual Merchandizing Year End Show Construction


Rock Point Provincial Park: “Green Project” Position          Summer 2016 – 2018
Lowbanks, Ontario

  • Problem solving
  • Effective use of resources
  • Handling lumber and assembling packages





E d u c a t i o n

Architectural Technology Co-op Program                            Fall 2016 - Present
Sheridan College, Mississauga, Ontario

  • Achieved an Average of 3.7 Grade Point Average in collective semesters
  • Architecture week: 1st place award in studio competition
  • 1st place award Sheridan Charrette Day design competition
  • Spearhead on Passive wall assembly construction exercise
  • Drafting for Sheridan College in Ontario Skills 2019
  • Graduating class Valedictorian


Ontario Secondary School Diploma                                        2012 – 2016
Dunnville Secondary, Dunnville, Ontario

  • Graduated as Ontario Scholar, 4 years of Honor Roll
  • Placed in Ontario Skills Competition: Drafting






A b o u t

M e


Architecture runs in my family,

I started in secondary school, there I was only taught hand-drafting; but had been training myself in SoftPlan- which allowed me to enter and compete in the Ontario Skilled Trades Competition.



and my goal is to keep it going.

I aim to become involved in Passive house Design, and also to maintain the individuality in the art of custom cottage and cabin designs.



  • Guitar
  • Mystery/Sci-fi novels
  • Woodworking and Carpentry
  • Camping
  • Visual Arts



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