Jerald Bezener - Architectural Technologist - About Me


So, you've checked out some of my work
and now...
you'd like to know
who is behind it all.

You've come to the right place.

When first entering the Architectural Technology Program at Sheridan, I was only interested in learning how to design houses for my own purposes.

Well...if you count wanting to conceptualize, design and project manage the build of my family's future estate. My wife and I wanted a place that our grandchildren (and their grandchildren) would know that Grandpa created and brought to reality.

Now it's time to go an make that happen. Of course, I'll be working along the way - hopefully working alongside some great people, working on meaningful architectural projects.

I have an affinity for the environment and nature, and want to do my part in ensuring our way forward, with architecture, is a positive one.

One of my other creative outlets is acting. I will always make room in my life for being on set while continuing to work on my skills in Architectural Technology.

Go to the LINKS page to check out some of the work I've been up to (before and during my studies). I am definitely looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

Jerald Bezener - 2020

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