Kiwi Meditation Cabin - 1056 Queen Street West -Melba Road


Kiwi Meditation Cabin

The Kiwi Meditation Cabin loacted in New Zealand was designed for a small family with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, meditation room and a small living space. Please find exterior renders below.


1056 Queen Street West

The apartment building located at 1056 Queen Street West was designed to have a modern facade to suit the downtown architecture. It has 4 floors in which the first floor is a retail space and the 3 floors above are apartment units. Please find exterior/interior renders, floor plans and design concept below.

Melba Road

The house located on Melba Road was designed and renovated to complete the needs of a small family looking to have 2 floors, an extension to the back of the home, more bedroom and closet space. Please find exterior renders, floor plans and section plans below.