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I grew up in an environment where I thought Architecture simply met the fundamental functions of a shelter, while the rest was left to the artwork within the walls. After gaining a new perspective through studying architectural history, I became fascinated with its multifaceted nature. In particular, the manner in which it communicates to each of its users, as well as the impact it has on the immediate surroundings and environment as a whole. I look to use architecture as a means of bettering the experience for all without costing the environment by analyzing past practice and innovation.

My experience is primarily residential, however, I would love to get exposure in commercial design as well. In addition, I am interested in sustainability, especially with regard to materials and construction methods. I am also intrigued by today's standards of accessibility set by the AODA and OBC. I strongly believe that buildings should provide for all users equally, and not permit minimum standards to enable discrimination. There is improvement to be made continuously through architecture and I am eager to be a part of the progress.